Quality Office Signs, Dimensional Letters, and Directories

Free Standing Triangular Pylons

Ever been aimlessly wondering through a large unfamiliar building when you come across a helpful illuminated directory? In shopping malls, it may have a long list of retail stores with a map of the building and a dot reading "You are here". Sometimes it's these signs that save you from being late to an important meeting. You're lucky this sign caught your eye. This structure was probably a free standing sign tower much like the ones manufactured at www.OfficeSignStore.com. This framing system is manufactured to fit your large custom graphic, which can be made with plastic, metal, or paper. They are useful for indoor and outdoor purposes, and are guaranteed to catch plenty of eyes.

Your customized flexible sign can be slid into any free standing triangular pylon. You will most frequently see these signs at shopping malls, restaurants, and office buildings. Through our custom designs and Vista’s solutions, customers can create their own free standing triangular pylon. Though they are commonly used for directory purposes, they can be great for cost-efficient advertising for any industry. This is a popular option for our customers, as these signs are usually large and illuminated. If you’re looking for a sleek, modern way to get a point across, these signs have a reputation for attracting plenty of attention. The sheer size of many of these signs causes the average passerby to stop and engage- so the bigger, the better.

These signs are easily changeable. The multi-dimensional options can feature a different message on each side, maximizing use. Vista provides clear lens covers that give the graphic a shiny look while protecting it from the elements. These covers can be quickly popped in and out to change the graphic. They are a very professional-looking option if you’re looking to install office directories in a lobby. They are also commonly used in the hallways of hospitals for patient convenience. We're committed to providing the highest quality products to meet all of your sign needs- whatever they may be. We're happy to do all we can to help you use your free standing triangular pylon in the most creative and beneficial way.